At Lifetree, we  are committed to providing the best quality, individualized, compassionate yet affordable home care services to our valued clients and helping them maintain their dignity, independence and sense of control, while still being in the comfort of the place they call home. Our Certified Senior Care Managers assess each client with attentiveness and care then assign them with a trusted, qualified, kind and understanding personnel for their care. 


Our Mission

"We are committed in assisting you to live independently with dignity in the comfort of your own home."

We adhere to core principles in order to achieve this mission, and each caregiver and our employees are trained to value these qualities.

  • No discrimination among clients is the first and foremost basis we value in. We respect every client's beliefs, religion, sexual orientation, ethnicity and disabilities.

  • Being compassionate towards all our clients is the essential quality that we adhere to. Since our clients can sometimes go through difficult times where their mind is not the same as before, we will not let anything hinder the quality of care that they deserve.

  • Understanding unmet needs without having to express them aloud. Since our caregivers are well trained, they can know if you or your loved one needs something to be done without having to ask.

  • Assuring the comfort and well being of our clients is integrated into our service so that our clients feel healthy, satisfied and safe in the hands of our experienced professionals.


Our Services

We at Lifetree provide our clients with personal caregivers who will help them live independently by assisting with activities of daily living within the comforts of their own residence. 


Our service is committed to:

  • Recruit and train a competent staff who value our principles

  • Providing our employees with a great working environment with best job satisfaction by frequently evaluating their performance and rewarding them.

  • Respect our staff with care as they are the pillars of this service

  • Providing services in a responsible and accountable manner.

  • Following the code of ethics in the home care services and ensuring that our quality of care is at its best through continuous evaluations.