Alzheimer’s disease is another debilitating disease that can affect our seniors. We at Lifetree Homecare Solutions provide you with the best possible ways to care for your loved ones suffering from this disease. We understand that Alzheimer’s can affect their every movement. It can change the perception and they will respond differently than they did before. These changes can be overwhelming for you to cope with. We understand that every day becomes more of a challenge for you and your loved ones,  so were here to help bring back the quality of life and a smile to your loved one’s face.
Since Alzheimer’s disease affects every person differently, we can cater to your specific needs by planning a schedule. When they deteriorate and need special care, we can provide that as well. Our caregivers can provide off hours care suitable to your needs. Some elders prefer to stay at their own home, which is great as this may help with their memory and mental well being. We can provide them with the care they need to stay at their own surroundings safely.


Dementia is a disease dreaded by most people. It doesn’t have a cure and it develops gradually without the person even knowing that they don’t remember things. It can be most distressing to those around. We at Lifetree Homecare Solutions know how difficult it is to care for someone with dementia. The disease can completely change one’s personality and the person you loved may not be there anymore. But let us help you during this difficult time.
At this vulnerable time, patients with dementia may seem to be withdrawn from the world and engage in their own world. It can make them socially isolated and this can leave them depressed and anxious. Since it is a disease originating in the brain, it can totally disrupt their way of life. You may see personality changes. Sometimes they are suspicious and accuse children of mean things they never did. This is all part of the disease and you need to realize that this is not your father or mother speaking. Dementia is the culprit. We know how to handle these difficult situations and we have experienced caregivers who can provide you with comfort knowing that your loved one is understood and well cared for. Sometimes your loved one can get disoriented and lose their way and surroundings. We can help you with all these problems and give you the peace of mind knowing that they are safe.
Our dementia care is always customized. We provide our service based on your specific needs. As dementia is a progressive disease, your loved one’s needs can change with time. In the initial stages they may only need some assistance with the memory impairment. We can provide with fun games in remembering stuff and retaining them. We can teach them with special tricks to remember things. The peace of mind requires a good home environment. We can provide that with our trained caregivers. They can form a friendship with your loved one and communicate with them constantly to understand them and their needs and treat them better.  But as the disease progresses, they may slowly lose the ability to do their activities of daily life and completely relay on assistance with everyday living.
We realize that your whole family suffers during these difficult times. We’re here to ease this experience to bring your whole family together and make it a memorable time for you and your loved ones.  Our goal is to provide you with the best quality care, you will experience our difference.