We can help you or your loved ones age peacefully at home. Our caregivers can give comfort at home by running routine errands and doing light work at home. Some tasks that were easy to perform may become difficult to do as you age. These simple everyday tasks becomes tiring and causes one to fatigue easily. You can get the helping hands needed for these tasks to maintain independence thanks to our helpful caregivers. You or your loved one will feel the difference as our caregivers are great companions that will bring a sense of liveliness back into everyone’s life.

There are various ways we can help! If you are a concerned loved one who wants to make sure your parent/s are living in good condition, we will make sure of that. Since our caregiving team consists of well trained employees, they will discuss needs and provide the care accordingly. We can provide service round the clock working on shift basis or live in to regularly care for you or your loved ones. We can also help with planning and preparing meals. We make sure they won’t have any hindrance to their active lifestyle. We can provide care on a short term basis as well as long term basis. We will introduce you to our trusted caregivers so that you will have a life long bond with them ensuring you or your loved one’s safety.

What do we provide?

We consider your every request and match you with the perfect caregiver for your loved one. We will plan how to address your unique problems and involve the elders in the decision making. Our caregivers will ensure the elders are met with their needs and preferences according to their abilities and relieve them of their boredom. With our employees at Lifetree Homecare Solutions, there’s no need to worry about your loved ones. We will assist them in grooming, washing, bathing, dressing, shopping, meal preparation and many more. Our caregivers show a special interest in every elder’s requests and they will provide their service according to the individual elder. We do not let the elders’ just stare at the ceiling without aim. We provide you with an affectionate companionship that will keep you happy and cheerful. You will be grateful of the choice you made in selecting us as your home care provider.

How we prevent you from getting sick?

We will make sure you get all the care you need at home. Our specially trained caregivers can make sure you get the adequate care after discharge from a hospital. They will provide you with physical therapies and make sure to remind you to take your medication on time. We will also give you feedback on how to arrange the home in order to avoid falls and further hospitalizations. We are here to keep you healthy both physically as well as mentally.

Your mental health

We know how lonely you or your loved one can get when they are alone at home. Our trusted caregivers are great companions and you will enjoy your time spent with them. As one gets frail when old and have a hard time moving around, the social interactions are limited. This can isolate them and make them depressed. Most old people suffer from some kind of mental health problem due to this loneliness. We can arrange transportation to visit friends and other outings to help you keep in touch.


Companion care is something most seniors need help with. Companions can keep the seniors engaged and talk with them making their lives colorful. They will accompany them to dinners, parties, visiting friends, write letters and help in home projects like gardening, painting, ect. Our experienced companions will visit wherever you call home whether it is your own home or assisted living. We at Lifetree Homecare Solutions are here for you and your loved ones!


Personal care is aimed at helping elders do their personal activities that they used to do but cannot do for themselves now. This includes not only washing, bathing, dressing, grooming, brushing their teeth, preventing bed sores and combing hair, but also helping them with bed pans, commodes and changing adult briefs. Most seniors find going to the bathroom the most difficult and our caregivers are especially sensitive to their needs and they will arrange that for them. Our caregivers will make you or your loved ones look and feel their best to be comfortable during the day by maintaining personal hygiene’s.