Our caregivers at Lifetree Homecare Solutions can provide patients who are recovering from an illness or surgery and provide them with transition of care from hospital to home. Since many of the family members are not experienced in caring for post surgical patients you can count on our assistance to make your loved one more comfortable and speed up the recovery. We can provide specialized care based on the client’s condition and the type of disease or surgery. We will manage the specific requirements due to the disease processes as well as promote rehabilitation to get them back to their previous life quickly. Our caregivers will meet with your team of care providers (nurses, doctors, and/or physical therapist) at the hospital before you are discharged to get trained on your plan of care for recovery.

We will provide you or your loved ones with a healthy diet plan to boost their body to recover. We can also arrange methods for them to transport and walk around so that they will be mobile and not confined to bed which can lead to bed sores and blood clots. We will also help with chores such as shopping, running errands, picking up medication and housekeeping. We will make the transition from hospital to home a pleasant experience without any bumps. We will provide the companionship throughout the process and you will feel your stress and frustrations disappear due to the compassionate care given by our skilled caregivers.