There are many types of senior living options available to fit an array of different needs. It is important to know the different kinds of living options that are available. Knowing your options will help make an informed decision on the best living arrangement for you or your loved ones' changing needs.


Assisted living facilities are aimed to promote the health, well being and safety of the residents who live there. This type of facility is more independent than a typical nursing home, and the residents can vary from seniors who need only a little assistance with their activities of daily living to very frail adults. Assisted living provides housing, personal and health care to the seniors. This type of care has mostly replaced nursing care although some may still need specialized care seen in nursing homes. It’s important to know all this to make a wise decision as to which type of care facility your loved one will need.


This type of facility is for patients who have middle to late stage memory loss due to Dementia and Alzheimer's. You can find them in assisted living communities or sometimes in residential care settings. They incorporate activities which can enhance the memory and recall ability. The facilities which are specialized will have a building set up designed for this function and they will help with the memory and will try to reduce the confusion in the patients. Usually, the residents who are suitable for this type of facility, are already living in a assisted care setting, and they are slowly deteriorating with forgetting to do their activities of daily living or getting lost frequently.


In this type of living community, the residents live in apartments, condos or homes and they can manage their activities of daily living independently. Sometimes there may be some form of assistance, but this largely depends on the particular facility. Some communities have a shared dining room for the seniors to eat together and interact. Sometimes when the seniors need specialized care, they can hire private home care services as they wish. Independent living is suitable for seniors who can do their activities of daily living by themselves.


As they age, the senior's requirements may change accordingly. Sometimes they may need more care which cannot be provided in the same community and they may have to move to a new one which can be stressing. The continuing care retirement community offers housing and those specialized services in the same community which will address their needs.


This is a facility which has daytime programs for the adults who needs assistance or supervision. The programs include areas like personal assistance, social interaction, medication reminder and therapeutic activities. Meals and transportation to the facility may be provided.


The adult day health care models can be of three types.

  • In the social model, the adults will be provided with meals, activities, recreation basic care and supervision. This is intended for adults who do not require medical treatment.

  • In the medical model, the adults are provided with medical monitoring due to their health conditions. There may be other therapies such as occupational, physical or speech therapy to help with the patient.

  • In the combination model, both social and medical models are combined to facilitate the best possible care for the adult who requires both of them.


Nursing homes are mainly reserved for those seniors who need medical care and assistance with activities of daily living; who can benefit from skilled nursing care. These facilities operate separately although sometimes there may be an associated medical facility or an assisted living community. The nursing homes may provide care for its residents to fulfill their medical physical mental and social well being. Their services can vary from providing assistance with activities of daily living such as bathing, washing, dressing to paying bills and providing companionship and support emotionally.

Since patients in these type of settings need constant care throughout day and night, and have complex medical needs, routine skilled nursing is required. Usually, several residents will share a room, and are being served with meals in one dining facility. However, the seniors will also need some kind of stimulation for their physical, mental and social well being, so it’s great to find out what activities they offer when considering a nursing home for your loved ones'.