Many people now a day’s suffer from chronic health conditions and need assistance with their everyday living. We at Lifetree Homecare Solutions are at your disposal. Our caregivers are well educated and well trained to understand different medical conditions. We are here to provide you or your loved one with the best caregivers based on your condition.
We can also provide long term care based on needs. We help to relieve the stress of the family members who usually cares for the individual and take over the tasks to give them a break. We understand as family, you undergo lot of stress and at times you need to relax. We can assure the care of your loved one and we promise to keep you updated till you are satisfied that we are capable. Our caregivers manage patients with chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, lung disease, stroke, Parkinson’s disease, etc. So they can handle each condition with much care and efficiency. They are fully trained to keep track of the medication and identify major warning signs when your loved one needs to go to a hospital.
We will also make sure the surroundings are suitable for your loved one. Some of them may have a tendency to fall and injure themselves. We can provide you and your loved ones with a fall risk prevention assessment. We will also give extra support in errands and housekeeping to make your loved one as comfortable and independent as possible. We will help them from getting up from bed to going to the toilet if they have difficulty moving around. Our caregivers are also mindful about giving our clients fresh air to keep their mind healthy and happy.


Diabetes can be a debilitating as well as a deadly condition. It can result in loss of limbs which may hinder ones movement. It can cause chronic ulcers requiring constant care. It is also one of the leading causes of blindness in the world. Apart from these many complications, there is also the challenge of controlling the blood sugar level to prevent them from developing further complications. Our caregivers know how to plan a diabetic meal which is palatable and keeps you healthy at the same time. Lifestyle choices can massively change the outcome of diabetes. We can help in all those aspects. Our team of caregivers in Lifetree Homecare Solutions is knowledgeable about the disease and they know the importance of taking your medications and meals at a fixed time each day. They will assist in preparing a healthy diet by taking you or your loved one to the nearby grocery store, meal prep, and they can also help assist in measuring blood sugar levels, and remind one to take their medication or inject insulin. They will also provide you and your loved ones with valuable advice on foot care and will consistently check the feet for potential wounds or concerns.


People with heart conditions need caregiving with lot of patience and kindness. Agitating them can result in worsening of the condition. Most of them are short of breath (heart failure) and some may complain of chest pain when doing simple tasks. Our caregivers understand that they have difficulty in doing simple tasks because their heart is weak and they will provide you with their assistance in your everyday tasks. Our caregivers at Lifetree Homecare Solutions are knowledgeable about the suitable diet to take for heart patients and help their daily chores. They will also remind one to take medications while monitoring their weight, blood pressure and signs of deterioration of the condition.


Joint pain can not only affect older people as seen in osteoarthritis. It can also affect people from as early as mid-thirties and forties who are suffering from autoimmune conditions. Rheumatoid arthritis and lupus can totally disrupt a patient’s life by giving unbearable pain. The joints can get deformed with time and the patient may have trouble moving around due to joint pain and/or deformity. Our caregivers are experienced in giving care for activities of daily living. Through their experience they can also give home remedies to relieve arthritis flare ups.


The immune system is what keeps us from getting infections. Immunity can be compromised in patients undergoing organ replacement and in cancer patients. They need special care to prevent them from getting infections until their immunity is back to normal. We have specially trained caregivers who can assist these patients in their day to day life by reminding one to take their medicine and attend to their activities of daily life.


A stroke can occur suddenly and you or your loved ones life can be destroyed in a second. But it is not the end of the world. Stroke patients can become active and take back full control of their lives if they have good post stroke care. We have specialized caregivers who are knowledgeable on the importance of physiotherapy and mental health. Our caregivers will help you or your loved one with regular exercises and help to adjust to this new way of life. In the initial stages the client will need dedicated care but as time passes by they will gain their physical control back though good caregiving. We will ensure our clients will be treated with the dignity they deserve.


Cancer is a devastating condition which can put you, your loved one and family under a lot of stress. We can be of help during these stressful times by taking care of their appointments and accompanying them to clinics, and ensuring they get a healthy and fulfilling diet. We will also relieve you and other family members from various other responsibilities. We can wait with your loved one while they are receiving chemo therapy and to be a joyful companion. Our skilled caregivers are here to help you and your loved ones.


Developmental disabilities can result in severe physical and mental handicap. While some may be able to do their daily chores and require minor supervision, others may need constant care and totally depend on others in basic activities of daily living. We will cater to all those varied needs. Here at Lifetree Homecare Solutions are trusted caregivers will ensure the safety and care for you and your loved ones.


End of life care is a sensitive topic. It is very personal and everyone wants to spend this precious time in different ways. We understand your needs and you don’t need any explanation as to why you need things done in certain ways. We will provide you and your loved ones care for as much as 24 hours 7 days a week to give you the dignity and the quality of life that your loved one deserve. Our skilled caregivers will also provide your family respite care. We will ensure that your loved one get the maximum comfort at home by caring and preventing bed sores, tending to personal hygiene, preparing meals and giving support to the family during these difficult times. We have a range of skilled caregivers who are specialized in providing the much needed emotional comfort and support.